Opinion: We Got it Right With Prop 209; No on 16

OC Register, Senator Bob Huff (ret.) 7.29.20

Here we go again.

In 2014, while flexing their newly found two-thirds supermajority, the state Senate passed Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA5) and sent it to the Assembly for their vote. As Senate minority leader then, my wife Mei Mei and I were at the epicenter of the battle to defeat SCA5, working with thousands of concerned parents and students.

We prevailed, but with a backdrop of a presidential election coupled with rampant health, economic, racial and social unrest, this year, the Legislature succeeded in passing Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5, placing Proposition 16 on our November ballot.

We live in troubled times. Racism exists. Discrimination exists. But the answer to racial and ethnic discrimination is not more discrimination. That is what Prop. 16 does.

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