Marie Waldron on Prop-16

Marie Waldron, Assembly Republican Leader. 加州共和黨領袖Marie Waldron談16號提案違背加州憲法.

Lance Izumi on Prop-209

Lance Izumi

人物專訪:太平洋研究教育中心高級主任Lance Izumi回顧209法案對平權的作用:

Senator Shannon Grove

Shannon Grove

Senator Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield), the Minority Leader in the California State Senate, represents the 16th Senate District and is also a small business owner.

Opinion: We Got it Right With Prop 209; No on 16

OC Register, Senator Bob Huff (ret.) 7.29.20 Here we go again. In 2014, while flexing their newly found two-thirds supermajority, the state Senate passed Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 (SCA5) and sent it to the Assembly for their vote. As Senate minority leader then, my wife Mei Mei and I were at the epicenter of the … Read more